Temptation Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Temptation straight bourbon whiskey is brought to us by Bardstown Distillery. Distilled from a mash of 75% corn, 20%rye and 5% barley. It is bottled at 82 proof or 41% alcohol by volume. What I found was a little surprising, there was very little heat on this product. Normally I drink my whiskey and bourbon with a splash of water but with this one it was and will be straight over a few whiskey stones. The bottling is similar to their redemption rye it has a batch and a bottle number on it ours was batch 2 bottle 1788. Cracking it open was easy just a shrink wrapped plastic seal and a plastic cap and it was ready to pour. I poured this whiskey for myself and a couple friends and it was unanimous decision, it was delicious. I poured it over two of our 1.25” whiskey stones swirled it for a few seconds and then we took our first sip. This is what I tasted:


  • Nose: Sweet,  a little spice. A bit more of a ethanol then you would expect from the taste.
  • Body: A little sweet maybe a bit of a caramel flavor.
  • Palette: Smooth as silk, creamy caramel, light anise.
  • Finish: Very smooth,  goes down gentle with a light pepper and spice taste.

Final Notes: For the price this whiskey is king, I bought this bottle on a whim for a very cool $22.97. This 82 proof spirit is super smooth and rolls down the throat with almost no burn without any splash of water. The golden/amber color looks great in the glass. We sat for almost an hour talking about our disappointment in the tigers and sipping on Temptation. I think this is a perfect addition for anyone that loves whiskey bourbon.


  • smooth bourbon
  • Taste was potent but not overwhelming
  • Enjoyed the bourbon as is
  • Would fit good with a stout or for people who drink stouts
  • Would enjoy Temptation with a seafood entrée

Post a comment if you have a question or have ever tried it.

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