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Holiday Shipping

Hello All,

I know that that everyone wants to make sure that their packages arrive on time. I want to let you know Every package gets shipped with the united states postal services priority post. This means in most cases it is delivered in 2 days and at the latest 3 days (delivery days) and the earliest is 1 day if you live in a state near or in Michigan. If you need a rush contact me I can ship over night if needed. With the regular shipping though I am going to put the order cutoff for holiday deliveries for the 20th  of December to be on the safe side.

You can order from here, or pick up at any of the retail stores that carry my stones found here.

And as always, Cheers!

Pardon the Dust

If you have been to the site lately you will have noticed that it has been a bit more on the jig saw puzzle side of things. The people that I purchased the original layout from stopped supporting it. This made me have to pick one temporarily  that is regularly updated, but that one didn’t work well with how I had it set up before. Long story cut slightly less long. I am still searching for a theme that I like that resembles my old one. That means that the visual aspect of my site will change from time to time. I will still be shipping out in the very timely manner that any consumer should expect. I get an order,  I ship out in 24hrs, you get it in 48-72 hours depending on where you live in the US.  If you are worried it isn’t working or going through please let me know by the contact us or this link. 

If my site is not working and you want to order something let me know, I fix things when I find out about them but usually it is beause someone tells me its broken. Tell me what is broken, if it is something i didn’t know about and you want to order something I will probably give you a discount on it.

Lastly as you may know I usually do a craft show kind of booth on the weekend at parmenters apple cider mill, I sell the trays and whiskey stones there:

714 Baseline Rd, Northville, MI 48167
(248) 349-3181.

Stop and say hi, they have amazing cider and donuts as well as wine :D.

Henry McKenna Bourbon

I just finished tasting Henry McKenna 10 yr bourbon out of Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown, KY. This is sold as a straight bourbon, and is available in 16 oz, 750ml and 1 liter glass bottles or 1.75L plastic bottles.

Color: Caramel
Nose: Woody notes can smell the ethanol
Body : Warm, tingles the lips a bit.
Palate: Caramel notes, slightly sweet
Finish: Light burn that fades quickly

Comments: I loved it! I It was very smooth and after I splashed just a tiny bit of water in it the heat on it was perfect. It will make a great fall and winter drink.