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Holiday Shipping

Hello All,

I know that that everyone wants to make sure that their packages arrive on time. I want to let you know Every package gets shipped with the united states postal services priority post. This means in most cases it is delivered in 2 days and at the latest 3 days (delivery days) and the earliest is 1 day if you live in a state near or in Michigan. If you need a rush contact me I can ship over night if needed. With the regular shipping though I am going to put the order cutoff for holiday deliveries for the 20th  of December to be on the safe side.

You can order from here, or pick up at any of the retail stores that carry my stones found here.

And as always, Cheers!

Happy Black Friday, Stuff and Things…

Thank you for helping to support my business and all small business. With there being so many large department stores that control so much of the market and are hard to get new and unique products into.  That makes it harder for me and places like mine to really grab a market, thank god for the internet and people like you. To thank you all of my regular whiskey stones are on sale right now and 25% of the proceeds are going to charity until sometime in December. So buy something cool for someone you like/love and also help support people who need it. Cheers and a Happy Holiday to you!

The Holiday season is here and so are the specials! Plus same as before 25% of sales goes to Charity.

The Holiday season is here and if you are like me it snuck up on you and left you wondering “what am I going to do?” Well I am here to make it easier to wow your loved ones for a reasonable price. If they like whisky, Gin, bourbon, scotch or nearly any small volume drink, these are for you! The Holiday special set is the best deal and there will be a few more sales as we approach the middle of December. Also same as every other year I am donating 25% my online sales to operation Christmas and/or wounded warrior project. It all depends on what the total amount is. I will give an update at the end of the season to let everyone know how much we raised together.


Thank You!

Old Forrester 86 proof

Old Forrester 86 Proof


Notes:This whiskey comes in several forms: a 100 proof, this one, and an 86 proof.

Price: Low $20’s

Color:Bronze/gold color – a younger whiskey than some I have tried.

Nose: Caramel and cocoa notes on nosing. Nice edge line on the glass when you swirl it, smooth layer of whiskey on swirling.

Palate:  Rye, oak and some sweetness to it. Vanilla and caramel come out from the oak barrels, citrus and fruity notes, nice bit of heat on the back of the throat.

Finish: lasting and warm, mildly spicy.

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