Facts Behind Our Stones

Flavor: Cask-aged liquors take on flavors from the barrels they are aged in. This occurs when the natural oils in the wood leach into the distillate over time. These oils that give your favorite liquor its flavor will congeal or “close down” if the temperature of the liquor falls below a certain point (usually around mid to low 40’s F). A subtle chill can enhance the drinking experience, but too much cold can hide the nuance of the flavor profile. Storing fine liquors below 45°F, or adding large volumes of ice, can cover up important flavor notes. Our stones preserve the quality of your beverage, and give you complete control.
Consistency: You may want to enjoy a chilled beverage, and have the water from your melting ice bring down the “heat” of a higher proof spirit. Well, what happens when your drink is perfectly chilled and diluted, but your ice isn’t done melting? You’re often left with a lukewarm glass of booze-flavored water. With Whiskey Stones your drink will remain chilled longer than with ice, and you can precisely control the amount of water in your beverage by adding it to taste.
Hardness: When researching other products on the market, we found that most of the competitor’s Whiskey Stones are made from granite. We also found that granite is a poor material for use in this type of product for a few reasons:

  1. Granite is porous. Granite will absorb the tastes and colors of whatever it is immersed in. The type of stone we use is non-porous, and after being washed, will not keep any of the previous drink’s tastes or colors. Granite stones will always retain flavors. Even just from the air in your freezer!
  2. Granite is hard. Granite has a hardness of around 6 on the Mohs scale, glass has a hardness of around 5.5. This means that granite stones can scratch your glassware! Our Whiskey Stones have a hardness of 1. Which means that it is very unlikely to scratch your glasses.

So, before you pour your favorite spirit into your favorite glass, remember that Over Rocks stands for “Quality Preserved In Stone.”

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