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Holiday Special Set of 12

A set of 12 medium whiskey stones in a single set for a great deal! Lets not disappoint our loved ones this year. This is a great way to get enough stones to please all of your family while they entertains their friends at the next get together. Give them a unique gift,  as the Holiday season is quickly approaching and you want to give more than our regular sets but not spend that much more.  I use USPS priority mail to ship which means that they arrive in most cases 2-3 days after ordering them.  If you need them sooner message me here and I will see if I can do more.

Same with all of my over rocks whiskey stones they are made from 100% natural soapstone, a soft, safe, non porous medium to preserve the quality of your drink in stone.

Old Price: $34.00

Price: $27.00

You save: $7.00

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