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We now offer serving trays and cutting boards! These are still made by hand from natural stone, but because they are sealed we can offer a wider range of options. We’re currently working with slateonyxmarblegranite, and soapstone. These unique pieces are not cut to exact dimensions, and are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Each cutting board or serving tray will be finished with rubber feet, which add protection from scratches on your countertops or tables. In addition, we’re offering an optional cheese knife and cheese plane with each cutting board, as well as sealant options for your purchase. Here’s some more info:

  1. Sealant 1 protects you from bacteria. We use a natural stone sealer that helps inhibit liquids and small particles from being absorbed by the serving tray. This sealant has been fortified with Micro Ban for extra protection.
  2. Sealant 2 protects your cutlery from damage. This amazing process employs a 2 part epoxy that self-levels to approximately 1/8 of an inch. Once dry it leaves a very clean permanent coating on your serving tray.

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