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I would love to become part of your establishment in most cases. I believe in supporting the companies that also support me. With that, I think it is important to limit how many companies per area actually sell my product and if there is someone right next to you already selling the same product and you would like to carry it than I will not be able to sell to you. I do this because I believe that my product is special and would like to keep it that way by making your location a special place to pick it up.


My pricing can vary a bit based on how you would like to order them. I can sell them loose in bulk or in sets ready for retail consumption. Pricing for wholesale starts at a price X  with a minimum of 15 sets being ordered. You can order any combination of the three sizes to get the starter price, If you order more though they become cheaper per set or unit.


As with my retail sets I ship out using USPS flat rate packages (it is by far the cheapest way to ship due to the weight). I can fit ~20 sets into the medium and ~40-50 into the large depending on the size ordered. So to get the lowest unit per cost price possible 50 per order is optimum unless you plan on ordering in the hundreds.

Special Requests:

I offer for orders of at least 50 your logo on my bags it will read “your establishment” Hand Made By Over Rocks. I will make a proof and email it to you before completing the order and there is a small additional charge for this service.

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